Compass Project Online | 7-Day Rental

Compass Project Online | 7-Day Rental

In the 2017/18 Season, Julianna Rubio Slager created four one-act ballets designed to help communities navigate cultural tension with compassion.

In Compass Project Online you will get to enjoy All God's Children, The Mother, 4501, and Shades of Refrain. We hope these ballets help you grow in empathy for others who face different circumstances than you may face.

Compass Project Online | 7-Day Rental
  • All God's Children

    All God’s Children is a ballet by Julianna Rubio Slager based on a poem by Sojourner Truth.
    If God created all people, then He created every shade of skin color, which leaves little room for prejudice. The ballet approaches the issue of racial tension and diversity from a fresh perspective. We ar...

  • The Mother

    The poem stands face to face with regret and refuses to blink. It presses right into the pain and allows the abortion of decades past to come bubbling to the surface with sorrow, rage and haunting visions of what might have been. The ballet premiered in 2017 with choreograph by Julianna Rubio Sla...

  • Shades of Refrain

    Shades of Refrain is a 21st century interpretation of the centuries old book of Psalms, the ballet displays the poetry of our most intimate moments.

  • Inside the Ballet | 4501

  • 4501 | Online

    As our nation progresses in technology and prosperity, there remains an undercurrent of forgotten men and women. These men and women have been convicted of crimes that land them in jail, away from the public eye and conscience. They are invisible. Currently, 2,298,300 men and women sit in the U.S...